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Welcome to St. Gabrielís Youth Group Ministry for
Middle School and High School!


Thereís a place for everyone.

St. Gabrielís offers a guided faith journey for 7th-12th graders with Sunday worship, fun outings, overnighters, service projects, and fellowship. Friends are invited to join us for all activities with the exception of the fall goal-setting retreat. 6th grade middle schoolers are invited to be a part of the Seasons of the Spirit class on Sunday mornings unless special arrangements are made between parents and teachers.

St. Gabrielís youth ministry strives to supplement and support the spiritual teaching of parents and grandparents, who are their youthís most important spiritual guides and teachers. We will accomplish this by:

  • Creating an accepting community of teens and leaders who gather for worship, discussion, bonding and fun;

  • Providing a meaningful Sunday morning worship experience;

  • Presenting service and mentoring opportunities where youth and leaders can work together to make a difference in the world, help others and learn servanthood;

  • Promoting our Episcopal principles of inclusion, respect, tolerance, compassion, service and social justice;

  • Having fun outings and overnighters where youth can form friendships as well as providing fellowship gatherings where youth can gather with other generations to celebrate together;

  • Maintaining good communication between youth, parents and youth leaders;

  • Encouraging and strengthening life-long ties to the Episcopal Church.


Youth group worship and activities are offered most Sundays of the school year and occasionally in the summer at 10:00 am.

Most Sunday Mornings:

  • Where to go: Middle schoolers 7th-8th grade and high schoolers 9th-12th grade are invited to meet leaders in the worship space to sit together in the 10:00 am service with our youth leaders. Look for the purple fleece-covered pew on the right side of the worship space behind the acolytes.

  • Occasionally and during most summer Sundays, youth can sit with their families if leaders arenít at church that day.

  • Youth group will take Communion early and adjourn to the youth room for a short discussion. They are welcome to help themselves to food and drinks stored in the room at that time.

  • Youths who are acolyting are welcome to join in the discussion when their tasks are completed.

  • Occasionally our youth group will meet in the church library through the door on the left side of the worship space to have longer discussions, planning sessions or practices.

  • To see what the current Sundayís youth activities are, please check the small whiteboard on the youth bulletin board on the wall between the kitchen and the restrooms.


Service Projects:

We hope that our commitment to serving others will form a life-long habit for our teenagers, inspired by the teachings of Christ. Gabrielís youth are involved in bi-monthly service projects including serving the homeless and working with the poor, doing community cleanup projects, delivering meals, fundraising for those in need, serving as group leaders for church school or VBS, or whatever other opportunity presents itself.


Every 2-3 years the high schoolers and leaders in our youth group fundraise for and go on a YouthWorks summer mission trip out of the state to serve a needy community. Past trips have included urban San Francisco and rural Wyoming.

Fun Outings and Events: 

Our youth get together for bowling, movies, rock climbing, miniature golf, swimming, beach trips, meals and other outings, often on Sunday after church. With the exception of the fall goal-setting retreat, friends are welcome to come along. Any event that includes transport by youth leaders or volunteers requires a parent trip permission form or one on file, updated yearly. We also ask that youth reserve a space for transportation to events away from the church by contacting our Youth Minister by email at

Adults are sometimes needed as volunteer drivers and chaperones, and are relied on to encourage their youth to attend, as well as driving them to and from meetings and events. Parents will be included in any emails regarding youth group and we ask that they help their youth keep track of their calendar of upcoming events and commitments.


Acolyting: Middle and high schoolers (as well as children over 10 years old and adults) are invited to serve as acolytes, assisting the clergy for all services. Acolyting is not only a way to learn more about the Episcopal rituals and traditions and an opportunity to serve your church, but it looks great on a job or college resume! Trainings are held frequently- look in the church bulletin for dates and times. If you are interested, contact Tim Reifsteck at