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Rushing wind, tongues of fire…amazing! God is about to do something, and it will change the world.

This Sunday, June 4th is Pentecost Sunday, one of the Principal Feasts in our tradition. You probably know the story. The Disciples are alone; Jesus promised to send the Counselor before leaving them, but they have no idea what to expect. Then it happens. Together, locked in a room, they feel it – the wind – they see it – the fire…and they are never the same again. The Holy Spirit fills them with such wonder, that they cannot contain themselves and they burst into the street speaking in every language represented in the area. They are empowered to carry the message of Jesus throughout the world. They become the Church, and that becoming grows into us – the community known as St. Gabriel would not be, if not for the events we remember this coming Sunday.

The most amazing part, the part we so often forget, is that this is not an experience locked away in time. It is happening now, here, with us. The Holy Spirit is alive and active and this Sunday is the day we come together to better understand what God would have us be; how God would have us live; what God would have us do. That is why our church exists, you know- so that the faithful can come together as community to pray, sing, listen to God and be fed. In this divided time and country, we need community prayer more than ever. Please come to church on Sunday, be with others praying – after all, if the Disciples hadn’t been praying together as Jesus instructed, we wouldn’t exist as a church. Let us gather, give ourselves to God and know the power of the spirit working through us.

In God’s Love,