Altar Guild   The goal of the Altar Guild is to provide a setting which enables the congregation to worship in a meaningful way.  They are dedicated to the care and preparation of the altar for all worship services as well as the cleanliness and maintenance of the vestments and articles used during the services. The Altar Guild is open to all adults who respect the sanctity of the altar and are willing to perform the various required tasks with an understanding of the importance of the processes.  Monthly meetings are held to review the upcoming seasons and events of the Church and to discuss improvements/changes that may be necessary.  

Acolytes  The acolytes serve as a companion and helper to assist the celebrants, performing a number of important functions before, during, and at the close of the service.  It provides an opportunity for individuals to enhance their knowledge of the service and develop a closer connection to the church and church family.   Any member, age 10 or more can become an acolyte.  Volunteers go through a brief training period to familiarize themselves with the requirements of the position and make sure they are physically able to carry out the duties.  Follow up training occurs on a regular basis throughout the year. 

Eucharistic Ministers These people serve God and the church community by serving chalice during the sacrament of Holy Communion and by taking home communion to those who are sick and infirmed.

Lectors  (Lay Readers)   Lay readers serve God and the church community through reading the lessons and prayers of the people with an attitude of reverence and clarity at each of the Churchís services.

Ministry Planning This group provides clarity of communication, advance planning and visioning for the Church regarding seasonal events and special functions.  Ministry planning sets dates, times and schedules all important gatherings throughout the year and communicates the needs to the various other ministries that may be needed/effected by the schedule. The committee meets quarterly.      

Music   The mission of the music ministry at St Gabriel's is to enrich the worship service by the presentation of traditional hymns, choir anthems, and contemporary songs that support the liturgy of the word.  The choir normally sings an anthem twice a month except for the summer and the praise band plays once a month, normally on the first Sunday except during the summer.  Hymns for each service are normally selected by music planning.   . 

Family Ministry The mission of the Family Ministry is to share the love of Jesus Christ with all who come to worship by welcoming, accepting, assisting and integrating all who gather for worship with a focus on newcomers.  Follow up with newcomers is an important part of this groupís efforts to help assure continued growth.    

Fellowship  The fellowship group provides opportunities for community, family and neighbors to come together to celebrate the love of Jesus Christ, and the seasons of the church year by enjoying good food, activities and each other.  Seasonal celebrations, church picnics, soup suppers, First Friday dinners and special events are also of the groupís responsibilities. 

Refreshments  This ministry primarily offers an array of snacks and drinks for the congregation after each Sundayís service to help nurture the community through hospitality while providing an appealing atmosphere for pleasant conversation.  Members of the group bring snacks for the coffee hour each time they volunteer.  During a special occasion the Church provides a decorated cake.   

Family Ministry St. Gabrielís Church School and Youth Groupís mission is to nurture and grow the Christian faith of our children and youth through study of the Bible, faith-building activities and good fellowship. We wish to empower our children, youth and families to have faith-filled lives and share with others the love of Jesus Christ. Regular activities include Church school, childrenís fellowship events, youth programs and outings, nursery care and special events like SAFE training and the annual Christmas pageant. 

Library  The library offers books, videos and DVDís on such topics as spiritual aids, seasonal and current interests, Christian fiction, Bible study, parenting, grief, healing and the Episcopal Church.  The intent is to provide resources that will aid growth in faith and learning while enabling church members to support educational activities.  Itís also a method of encouraging evangelism by using the information out in the community.  

Outreach    The outreach ministry provides Christian leadership for mission outreach and education through financial support and member participation; doing Godís work by sharing our resources locally and internationally.  Research and surveys are used to identify recipients both within the community and outside.  Some fundraising occurs throughout the year as well as the encouragement of church member participation in Lent and Advent. A fixed percentage of the Churchís budget helps fund the ministry.  The group meets on a monthly basis in the library.

Prayer Chain    The ministry of the prayer chain is to pray for the needs of the congregation, their friends and families.  We pray daily for those who have requested prayers or had prayers requested for them.

Rosary Guild    This group knits or crochets prayer shawls for those in need who may be grieving, feeling despair or may be ill.  They are also used to celebrate birthdays and anniversaries, friendship and love, and professional and personal achievements.  Each shawl is created with love and prayers and is blessed by our priest for each recipient.  The ministry serves as a reminder of Godís promise that He will be with us always.  Completed shawls are donated to the Church and then to the recipient.  Meetings are held monthly in the Church library.

Ministry of Healing Prayers    The purpose of this ministry is to serve God and the church community in the ministry of healing prayer by praying for healing and wholeness of body, mind and spirit.  Praying by the laying on of hands for those who request healing prayers is conducted during the Sunday services as well as home or hospital visitations as needed.

Finance Committee The finance committee monitors the financial condition of the church to assure that expenditures and revenues are in keeping with the annual budget, and that all financial resources of the church are invested as prudently as possible. It also reviews investments of the church resources to assure the best return possible. The long term financial picture of the church and coordination of the annual budget also fall under this committee. The committee meets monthly. 

Stewardship This ministryís primary goal is to assure resources are available to support the growth and overall mission of St. Gabrielís by inspiring giving for the work of the church and raising the awareness of tithing.  Included in the process is the education of the congregation in the power of giving of time talent and monetary resources while stressing the importance of pledging to assure that our budgetary process is adequate and on a solid foundation.      

Communications   The communications team assists the commissions and ministries of St. Gabrielís in communicating with the congregation and the broader community.  This takes the form of a website, our monthly newsletter ďThe MessengerĒ, Church signage and holiday advertising.  The focus of the group is to provide timely communications that are consistent, and clearly written.  

Building & Grounds  This group oversees the janitorial, building and landscape maintenance to assure a pleasant, safe and sanitary place to worship and perform our various ministries while being a good steward to the Church and our neighbors.

Gardening Angels   This group works together as a team to maintain the Churchís grounds to assure it welcomes members, neighbors and guests by offering a pleasant and peaceful appearance.  The love and respect for Godís creation is reflected in the efforts of this ministry while spreading the word of Christ and the loving spirit of St. Gabrielís.   

Labyrinth This ministry provides a place for contemplative worship where walkers can release the cares of the day, meditate and be open to Divine grace; and return with a renewed sense of connection with the world and with God.  The labyrinth also serves as a place of mediation for the community. 

Usher Planning Ė We recruit, train and schedule ushers for all regular and special worship services. 

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