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Established in 2012 when Bishop Michael Hanley ratified the Enabling Resolution passed by St. Gabrielís Bishopís Advisory Committee (BAC). The purpose of the Fund is to enable us to fulfill our mission more completely by developing ministries beyond what is possible through our annual operating budget.

The Fund is overseen by a Committee appointed by the BAC.  The Policies and Guidelines outlines an investment policy and spending rules to assure the long-term viability of the Fund. Reports are submitted quarterly to the BAC and annually at the meeting of the St. Gabrielís congregation.

Distributions from the Fund are approved by the Committee and are limited to (1) capital improvements of St. Gabrielís; (2) outreach ministries and grants; (3) seed money for new ministries and special one-time projects; and (4) such other purposes as specifically designated by donors to the Fund.

The Fund is able to accept a variety of assets and is, therefore, a very flexible opportunities for potential donors. Examples are:

  • Cash

  • Securities

  • Life Insurance Policies

  • Annuities

  • Real Property

  • Personal Property (upon approval)

One can contribute to the Fund in the following ways:

  • Current gifts, for example, a portion of a cash bonus, commission earned or tax refund;

  • To commemorate or honor a loved one;

  • Bequest by Will or Trust;

  • Beneficiary designation in Life Insurance or Individual Retirement Account

  • Gift Annuity

To contribute to the Fund, contact a Member of the Committee or the St. Gabrielís church office (503-645-0744) for a form, or contact information on Committee Members.

Here are the available documents:

Enabling Resolution.pdf

Policy & Guidelines.pdf

Gift Forms.pdf

Additional Information may be obtained:

Episcopal Church Foundation