Weather-related Church Closures




Generally, on weekdays when the Beaverton Public Schools are closed, St. Gabrielís office will be closed, staff will not report and services may not be held.

We will make every effort to conduct the regularly scheduled celebrations of the Eucharist (on Sundays and Wednesday) during weather emergencies (though some events may be scaled back or cancelled).

We will try to update the church voicemail announcement as soon as we can.  We will send out e-mail announcements (which, of course, only go to those who have given their email addresses to the office).  Further, we will update the home page of this website, as we are able:

In some instances, extreme weather conditions may cause a delay in attending to these duties.  It is possible that a decision to cancel services or close our facilities as a precautionary measure will turn out not to have been necessary.  Parishioners are invited to remember that the wardens and vicar have a legal responsibility to protect the congregation from legal action that might result from non-cancellation.

Please use care and discretion in problematic travel conditions.  God wants you healthy and happy, and so do we!                                                       

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